We are Chiang Mai lawyer & Chiang Rai lawyer teams

Our Chiang Mai lawyers prides our self on providing workable solutions which take full account of Thai law and practice to legal help for foreigner, as well as its ability to effectively communicate those solutions to both Thai and foreign clients. Our ability to assess the practical enforceability of new structures and ideas is backed by the experience of one of the largest and strongest litigation departments with Chiang Mai lawyers and Chiang Rai lawyers. 


ICO Inter Law, our Chiang Mai lawyer & Chiang Rai lawyer teams and our Chiang Mai Accountant teams are founded on a set of values to which we have unwavering 


ICO Inter Law is focused on creating a culture of open innovation by inspiring individuals and our Chiang Mai Lawyer and Chiang Rai lawyer teams and our Chiang Mai Accountant teams to find surprising connections to business solutions


ICO Inter Law, our Chiang Mai Lawyer & Chiang Rai Lawyer teams and our Chiang Mai Accountant teams are dedicated to addressing the needs of the society


The legal system in Thailand changes and progresses constantly, not only at the ground level, but in terms of the interplay between the legal institutions of counsel, jury, judge, agency and legislature

                           PRO BONO

ICO Inter Law, our Chiang Mai Lawyer & Chiang Rai Lawyer teams and our Chiang Mai Accountant teams recognizes the difficulties some members of our society have in accessing the justice system to address their legal problems



Dr.k  is excellent litigator, and his chiang mai lawyer teams did an excellent job for a very fair price !


Dr.K is amazing Litigator.... They have helped my family and I for the past five years in so many ways – thai court, visas, work permits and property. I can't thank them enough.... ICO make it easy!!!


Dr.K is great! And he's far more than just a litigator guy. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Straight up too. Highly recommend.

Kenny Sue

I couldn't do it without Dr.K

After being charged with a DUI, I researched DUI lawyers in the area. And I met with 2 which lead to me choosing Dr.K. He listen to my whole story and found the important facts for my case. My charges were reduced. It's hard to say if I could get it reduced without a lawyer and save some money

Lim Ming Zi

Dr.K literally saved my life

Dr.K literally saved my life! I had a super hairy court case, that involved several rarities, and throughout the whole process, Dr.K was upfront and honest with me, kept me informed, and got win. I cannot say enough good things about him and his chiang mai lawyer teams. I would recommend her at a heart beat t...


Highly credible and knowledgeable attorney

If you are reading this review you are probably in the position I was this past summer. A horrible event just happened to you and you wish you could turn back time. You keep talking to yourself saying "if only I didn't take that route home/ if only I was 5 min later I would have missed that cop"....

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